Basic Figures and floor craft

Your 8 essentials:

"Caminata/The Walk"

"Salida Cruzada/Cross Basic"


"Ocho Atras/Backward figure 8"

"Parada/Stop" and "Pasada/Passing over"

​"Ocho Adelante/Forward figure 8"


"Ocho Cortado/Cut figure 8"

Intermediate Level 1

Introducing Patterns and Musicality


"Salida Derecha/Basic Right to Right"






Advanced Level 1

Intricated footwork, changes in connection







"Colgada/Off Axis away"

"Volcada/Off Axis towards"

Tango - Milonga

Special Workshops

3 hours Workshop to explore rhythmical patterns as well as embellishments.

Tango - Vals

Special Workshops

3 hours Workshop to explore melodical patterns as well as circular energy.

Axis inclination

Special Workshops

Tango - Technique

Special Workshops

Tango - Embellishments

Special Workshops

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