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Angeles Chanaha: Tango master, Choreographer, Dj and organizer was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tango, folklore and classical music were always present in her childhood. Her parent's circle of friends, mostly writers and artists, would frequently gather in her home where she was profoundly influenced by many of the great musicians, composers, poets, and singers who created the music used throughout the Tango world today. Artists such as Hugo del Carril, Rosana Falasca, Argentino Ledesma, Carlos Acuna. She began her dance training at the age of five studying ballet, folk dancing and gymnastics until she was introduced in 1996 to the great love of her life, Tango. She spent her formative years in the Buenos Aires of the 1990's and early 2000's. While she studied with many of the great tango masters. The ones who influenced her most deeply and with whom she studied regularly over a period of 12 years were: Jose Garofalo, Mora Godoy, Osvaldo Zotto as well as Gustavo Naveira, Olga Besio, Fabian Salas, Alejandra Mantinan and Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli.

She has performed and thought workshops next to two of the most renowned male dancers of all times, Miguel Angel Zotto -creator of Tango x dos- and Tony Award winner Carlos Gavito, as well as other renowned dancers such as: Junior Cervila, Hugo Mastrolorenzo and many others. She also participated as guest instructor in the Buenos Aires Tango Festival from 1998 until 2002 .

In 2005, shortly after she moved to the United States, together with former dance partner Michael Nadtochi, they founded TangOblivion Dance Company which offers group lessons, coaching classes, milongas and practicas in New York and New Jersey. Always continuing her dance training Angeles studied Latin Ballroom, Salsa, West Coast Swing and Hustle.

In 2015 and after many years of research, Angeles developed "Holistic Tango" a new approach to holistic healing based on the power of the Embrace to bring Love, Peace and Joy to ourselves and to everyone around us.

Also participated in the Souther California Tango Championship and Festival as Judge.

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K​ristian Velazquez was born in Miami, USA and moved to Uruguay at the age of one where he grew up. Tango dancer, instructor, Dj, choreographer, and organizer he's been dedicating himself to explore the world of Tango in a professional way since 2006. His curiosity and love for Tango started at a very young age, while his grandparents listened to tango tunes in the radio and also watching his cousins dance at theater plays. Coming from a family with many artist and aficionados to arts he soon engaged himself in theater and afterwards into dancing. 

As a dancer, he was semi-finalist in the Salon category of the "Tango World Championship and Festival of the City of Buenos Aires" in the year 2011. He also won first and second place in competitions of the city of Montevideo that same year, making him one of the most accomplished Tango dancers in Uruguay in 2011.

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